Transportation 2020

Governor’s Transportation 2020 Citizen Advisory Commission

Iowa Code requires that every five years the Iowa DOT complete a review of the current revenue levels of Iowa’s road use tax fund and the sufficiency of those revenues to meet the construction and maintenance needs of Iowa’s state, city and county roads. The Citizen Advisory Commission (CAC) will provide input into the finalization of study recommendations and assist Iowa DOT with public education about the study findings and building support for the study findings and recommendations.

The CAC will assist in seeking public input for and providing public education about the study’s findings through six public meetings to be scheduled this summer across the state.

2012 RUTF User Fee Analysis

Analysis of road use tax fund user fee

2012 RUTF Efficiency Report

Road Use Tax Fund Efficiency Report

CAC Report

The final report and recommendations

2011 RUTF Study

A report to the Iowa Legislature

2008 RUTF Study

A report to the Iowa Legislature
Transportation 2020
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