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Committee members

Scott Anderson, Access2Care

Loren Bawn, Iowa Department of Human Service, Bureau of Refugee Services

Heather Byron, American Cancer Society
                Alternate: Theresa Allen

Doreen Chamberlin, Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Oral and Health Delivery Systems

Max Christensen, Iowa Department of Education

Jennifer Kammeyer, United Ways of Iowa

Connie Eastman, AARP Iowa

Kristin Haar, Chair, Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Public Transit

Becky Harker, Iowa Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council

Hugh Lively, Regional Transit Authority/RIDES, Iowa Public Transit Association

David Mitchell, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Dylan Mullenix, Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
                Alternate: Zach Young

Erin Mullenix, Iowa League of Cities

Jamie Nagel, Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service

Jeremy Johnson-Miller, Statewide Mobility Manager

Cindy Terwilliger, Federal Transit Administration

Stacy Lentsch, Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Systems Planning
Alternate: Garrett Pedersen

Tim Weltzin, Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise

Heidi Wicks, Iowa Workforce Development

Ruth Thompson, Iowa Department on Aging