2014 Passenger Transportation Summit

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  • April 25
    Regional/Small Urban System Quarterly Charter Report due
  • April 30
    3rd Quarter Fuel Tax Report due
  • April 30
    Regional/Small Urban System DBE (October-March) Semi-Annual Reports due
  • April 30
    Large Urban System Quarterly Charter Report due to FTA
  • April 30
    Triennially, Regional/Small Urban System DBE Projection Worksheet (for next three Federal Fiscal Years, October 1 – September 30) due
  • April 30
    Large Urban System Quarterly Charter Report due to FTA
  • April 30
    Large Urban Quarterly TEAM Reports (if in TMA) due to FTA
  • May 1
    Consolidated Transit Funding Applications (including Statewide 5309, 5310, 5311, JARC, New Freedom, and Public Transit Infrastructure Grant) due
  • May 1
    Passenger Transportation Plans due
  • May 15
    3rd Quarter Statistical Report due
  • June 1
    Large Urban System DBE (October-March) Semi-Annual Report due to FTA
  • June 15
    Triennially, State and Large Urban System DBE (Next three FFYs) Goals Published for Comment (45 days before August 1)
  • June 30
    A-133 Audit (Previous State Fiscal Year) due
  • June 30
    Record vehicle odometer readings at end of service or prior to start of service on July 1
  • June 30
    End of Fiscal Year


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