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Consolidated Transit Funding Application
DART busIowa's Consolidated Transit Funding Application is used by all transit agencies to apply for STA funds and federal 5310, 5311 and 5339 funds. Any system applying for statewide 5339 capital funds must include its request in the consolidated application. The consolidated application also requests information on expected direct-funded federal transit assistance grants for large urban transit systems under the 5307 program. Any individual projects from the 5339 capital program for all transit systems should also be included.

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State Transit Assistance (STA) Special Project Application
The rules for Iowa’s STA program provide that the bulk of the funding goes out by formula to the designated public transit systems. It also provides that $300,000 are set-aside each year for special projects to improve transit in the state of Iowa. Individual special projects for the purpose of supporting start-up of new coordination activities. This will be in addition to the continuing use of these funds for statewide or emergency projects, and funds not needed for special projects can still be moved into the formula portion of the program. The special projects will be to help transit systems respond to needs identified by human service agencies, with preference given to projects involving match coming from the human services side. Projects must involve open-to-the-public services. Projects would allow start-up funding, until the services have a chance to be reflected in the STA formula.

Applications are reviewed with the Iowa Transportation Coordination Council, and may be submitted anytime during the year.

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Iowa’s Clean Air Attainment Program (ICAAP)
Iowa DOT's Office of Systems Planning conducts an annual competitive application process for this program. ICAAP supports projects designed to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Highway, transit and trails projects, as well as educational campaigns, are eligible and evaluated on the basis of projected impact on congestion and air quality. Local applications are due to the Office of Systems Planning by Oct. 1, for funding that is available approximately one year later. Projects do not need to be in the TIP/STIP at the time of initial application. Projects selected to receive ICAAP funding are usually recommended for approval to the Iowa Transportation Commission in February, to allow for inclusion in the next year’s TIP/STIP.

ICAAP Resources.

Transit Capital Match Loan Program (Amoco Loan)
Amoco Loan applications may be submitted at anytime during the year. The Iowa DOT's Office of Public Transit periodically announces the amount of uncommitted Amoco Loan funds available and encourages transit systems to apply. The application is in the form of a letter, requesting the loan and proposing a repayment schedule, which may be subject to negotiation. The request is also required to estimate the energy conservation benefit of the project to be funded. Loan decisions are made by the Office of Public Transit.

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Consolidated transit funding application materials

SFY2015 Consolidated Transit Funding Application Guidance PDF Icon
SFY2015 Consolidated Funding Application PDF Icon
Minority Impact Statement Word Icon
Statewide Capital Project Justification Word Icon
Certification of Equal Access for Persons with Disabilities Word Icon
SFY15 Programming Guidance for Transit Vehicles PDF Icon
SFY15 STA Fund Projections PDF Icon
SFY15 5310 Allocations for Large Urban Systems PDF Icon
SFY15 Allocations for Non-Urban Systems PDF Icon
FTA FY14 Certifications and Assurances PDF Icon
FTA FY14 Certifications and Assurances (Applicable Provisions and Signature Page) PDF Icon

State Transit Assistance Special Project Application Materials  
Project Proposal PDF Icon
Application Instructions PDF Icon
Authorizing Resolution PDF Icon

Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Application Materials  
Project Proposal PDF Icon
Application Instructions PDF Icon
Public Transit Infrastructure Authorizing Resolution PDF Icon

Intercity Bus Grant Application Materials  
SFY2015 Intercity Bus Grant Application Guidance Word Icon
Intercity Bus Assistance Program Project Proposal Word Icon
Intercity Bus Authorizing Resolution Word Icon
Intercity Bus Labor Protection Agreement Word Icon
FTA FY14 Certifications and Assurances Word Icon
FTA FY14 Certifications and Assurances (Applicable Provisions and Signature Page) Word Icon
Minority Impact Statement Word Icon