Technical Training and Certification Program

The Iowa DOT Technical Training and Certification Program provides training courses in the areas of construction and materials. The program includes certifications for agencies, industry, producers, and consultants for highway materials testing and inspection.

Web-based training

The online courses offered through this site are for use by individuals that would like to take courses at their convenience. These courses are offered for an individual to take online at any time and on any computer system. These courses do include questions, but a formal test is not normally part of the course.

DOT Employee Training Academy

The Iowa DOT's Highway Division's Training Academy includes matrices for classifications in construction, maintenance, and materials. The matrices include required training and training taken as needed. The matrices list information about the courses required to obtain the skills necessary for the classification.

New Web-based training courses added

Winter Maintenance Training Series

The Winter Maintenance Training Series includes instruction in all areas of winter maintenance, including, but not limited to, the following.
  • Snow removal
  • Deicing
  • Proper plowing techniques
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Blowing snow mitigation
  • Performance measures
  • Selecting snow and ice control materials
  • Maintenance management

Be sure to get your learning credentials so you can enroll in the series.