Technical Training and Certification Program

The Iowa DOT Technical Training and Certification Program provides training courses in the areas of construction and materials. The program includes certifications for agencies, industry, producers, and consultants for highway materials testing and inspection.

Web-based training

The online courses offered through this site are for use by individuals that would like to take courses at their convenience. These courses are offered for an individual to take online at any time and on any computer system. These courses do include questions, but a formal test is not normally part of the course.

Iowa DOT U

Now available - Railroad Safety Awareness

The Railroad Safety Awareness Training is a web-based course available for new employees and as a refresher for employees that have already taken the 2014 Railroad Safety Training sessions held in-person for nearly 1500 employees. Over sixty-two different employee classifications participated from four of the seven divisions in the 2014 training sessions and now additional material and updated information on the concepts of railroad safety training is available. DOT staff in designated filed operation classifications and other classifications, as determined by management are required to complete this training on an annual basis. The Iowa DOT values safety, and is taking this proactive approach to increase awareness and help ensure the safety of Iowa DOT workers, railroad workers and contractors. Please go to the Web Based Training tab for information on Learning Credentials and then to Web-Based Courses tab to take the course.

New - Safety training videos

The DOT has produced a number of training videos pertaining to construction safety.These include Grading Safety, One Step From Death, Plant Site Safety, and more. These are now available on demand on the Training Web Courses page.

Go to Web Courses, then select the Safety Tab. Select Safety Videos and the complete list of safety videos will be shown.Please note these videos have a delay when they first start, so it will take several seconds for the video to appear.

Be sure to get your learning credentials so you can enroll in the courses.