U.S. 34 TIGER II Discretionary Grant Application

Supporting Documentation
Letters of Support Document
U.S. 34 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Document
U.S. 34 Final Environmental Impact Statement Document

U.S. 34 Record of Decision

U.S. 34 FEIS & ROD Re-Evaluation Document
Cost Sharing for TIGER II Grant Award Document
Economic Benefits Analysis Document
Permits & Clearances MOA Document

Additional Information & Certifications

Iowa's Wage Rate Certification
Nebraska's Wage Rate Certification
Federal Register, Vol. 75, No. 104, June 1, 2010
Commercial and Industrial Network Improvement and Programming Policy
Iowa-in-Motion State Transportation Plan
Funding Pipeline Graphic
Iowa's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
Nebraska's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
MAPA Long Range Transportation Plan
MAPA (metropolitan) TIP
Economically Distressed Areas
National Highway System Map