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Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Program

Program manager

Jennifer Kolacia


Phone: 515-239-1738

RISE Policies - Jan. 12, 2016

RISE Program Packet Contents

RISE Program Administrative Rules

RISE Program Application Summary

FY 2016 RISE Applications To Date

FY 2015 RISE Applications

Applications, Forms and Instructions

Accomplishment Report - Immediate Opportunity RISE project

Accomplishment Report - Local Development RISE project

Request for Reimbursement for RISE Program Project Costs

Local Development Projects

Download the application instructions for RISE: Competitive Rating Funding for Local Development Projects

MS Word document

Immediate Opportunity Projects

Download the Application Instructions for RISE: Immediate Opportunity Project Funding

MS Word document

Fillable PDF

Project Development Instructions

Federal-Aid Project Development Guide for Local Public Agencies
Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Local System's website