Right-turn acceleration lane

Left TurnStep 1.
Turn on your right-turn signal.

Step 2.
Begin your right-turn maneuver by positioning your vehicle behind the white line and yield sign. Scan the mainline traffic flow to make sure you can safely enter the acceleration lane. Be sure to check for possible hazards or vehicles in the lane.

Step 3.
If safe, immediately move into the acceleration lane and begin increasing your speed.

Step 4.
Reach a speed that will allow you to move safely left into the mainstream traffic.

Step 5.
Left Turn AccelerationCheck your mirrors, check your blind spots, and check for a break in the traffic flow. Blind spots are areas slightly to the sides and the rear of your vehicle that you can not see in your rear view or side view mirrors.

Step 6.
If it is safe, change lanes by merging into the adjacent mainline traffic lane.

Step 7.
Turn off your signal after completing the lane change.

Do not stop in the acceleration lane unless absolutely necessary. Remember, you must yield the right of way to the traffic already on the highway. Be aware of the blind spots.