Supplemental Specifications 2012

Replaced by
SS-12001 Work on Railroad Right of Way (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe) 10/16/2012 New
SS-12002 On-Call Contracting - Patching 10/16/2012 New
SS-12003 Polymer-Modified Microsurfacing 10/16/2012 New SS-12006
SS-12004 Asphalt Emulsions Containing Gilsonite 10/16/2012 New
SS-12005 Flexible Pavement 1/16/2013 New GS-12002
SS-12006 Polymer-Modified Microsurfacing            11/19/2013   Replaces SS-12003 GS-12004
SS-12007 Seed Mixing by Seed Conditioner 12/17/2013 New GS-12004
SS-12008 Backfilling and Compaction of Pipe and Reinforced Box Culverts by Flooding 12/17/2013 Replaces DS-12012
SS-12009 Project Management 2/18/2014 New  
SS-12010 Evaluation of Longitudinal Joint Quality for Flexible Paving Mixtures 6/17/2014 New  
SS-12011 Asphalt Binder 10/21/2014 New