Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the use of rumble strips warranted?

A: Rumble strips are installed on a project-by-project basis and used on roadways for which an engineering study or a crash analysis suggests that the number of run-off-the-road, head-on, sideswipe, and crossing-the-centerline crashes would likely be reduced by the presence of rumble strips. Historically, most run-off-the-road crashes occur on rural, multi-lane and two-lane roadways.

In some cases, other countermeasures such as improved roadway geometry, additional signing and markings, or increased pavement skid resistance may be more appropriate than rumble strips or used in conjunction with them.

Rumble strips are not normally used in urban and suburban areas or along roadways where prevailing speeds are less than 50 mph.

Shoulder rumble strips will not eliminate run-off-the-road crashes caused by excessive speed and sudden turns to avoid animals, objects or vehicles.

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