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One of the best ways to understand modern roundabouts is to see them in operation. The following sites include videos of modern roundabouts.

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  • Iowa Department of Transportation
    Iowa DOT's Traffic Engineering Assistance Program:

    The Iowa Department of Transportation offers no-cost, expert roundabout reviews during the feasibility, planning, design or operation of roundabouts in Iowa. The DOT is presently using a nationally-known and respected roundabout consulting firm to help ensure early success for roundabouts in Iowa, until such time that in-state experience and expertise are developed.

    See the Complimentary Roundabout Design Review Service brochure.

    Requests for services may be directed to Steven Schroder, PE, Iowa DOT's Office of Traffic and Safety at 515-239-1623 or or be accessed by contacting the district local systems engineer in your part of the state. The district local systems engineers are listed in the DOT's Need Answers publication.