Office of Right of Way

Right of Way Relocation Manual

January 2013

This manual was current as of this revision date. Changes may have occurred since that time. For updates, please contact the Office of Right of Way's relocation section, Iowa Department of Transportation, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010, or 515-239-1359.

Note:  If you wish to print or view a complete Right of Way Relocation Manual, you may download a PDF file of the Right of Way Relocation Manual (1 MB) which can be printed or used for off-line viewing.  For viewing the parts of the Right of Way Relocation Manual listed below, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 or higher)

PDF icon Table of Contents 3
PDF icon Introduction 9
PDF icon Chapter One - Planning and Preparation 15
PDF icon Chapter Two - Commonly Used Concepts, Definitions, and Term 25
PDF icon Chapter Three - Owner Occupied Residences 33
PDF icon Chapter Four - Tenant Occupied Residences 65
PDF icon Chapter Five - Housing of Last Resort 67
PDF icon Chapter Six - Residential Moving Payments 75
PDF icon Chapter Seven - Mobile Homes 83
PDF icon Chapter Eight - Non-Residential Relocation Assistance 97
PDF icon Chapter Nine - Advertising Devices (Signs) 127
PDF icon Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous 133
PDF icon Appendix 139
PDF icon Notice of Relocation Eligibility 141
PDF icon Receipt for Brochure 143
PDF icon Estimated Cost of Self-Move of Personal Property 145
PDF icon Assignment of Interest 147
PDF icon Parcel Check Sheet 149
PDF icon Receipt of Warrant Acknowledgement 151
PDF icon Assistance Appeal Award 153
PDF icon Keep Vacant Agreement 155
PDF icon Subject Inspection Sheet 157
PDF icon Comparable Inspection Sheet 159
PDF icon Residential Estimated Cost of New Housing 161
PDF icon Rental Assistance Payment Summary and Certification 163
PDF icon Mortgage Interest Differential Payment (MIDP) 165
PDF icon Last Resort Housing Plan 167
PDF icon Offer of Relocation Assistance 169
PDF icon Residential Tenant Purchase Agreement 175
PDF icon Relocation Housing Payment Possession Agreement 177
PDF icon Possession Agreement 179
PDF icon Non-Residential Information Sheet 181
PDF icon Businesses and Farm Operations 183
PDF icon Non Residential Fixed Payment 185
PDF icon Relocation of Personal Property 187
PDF icon Offer of Relocation Assistance Business 189
PDF icon Claim for Non-Residential Relocation Assistance Reimbursement 191
PDF icon Fixed Payment Acknowledgement 193
PDF icon Replacement Housing Payment Summary and Certification 195