Responsibilities and research ideas

Sign Truss Bureau responsibilities include the following:
  • Manage the research portion of the State Planning and Research Program (SP&R), including national pooled funds
  • Oversee the work of the Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB)
  • Lead and participate in cooperative research efforts with other states, agencies, universities, and industry through national pooled funds
  • Help department staff identify and find means to meet research needs
  • Participate in national and emerging regional intelligent transportation systems (ITS) programs and administer ITS initiatives
  • Provide leadership for research and technology initiatives within the Iowa DOT, statewide, regionally and nationally
  • Promote participation with other states in emerging research and technology such as 511
  • Sponsor and facilitate the Iowa Transportation Research Collaboration Agreement
Additional research, development and technology transfer activities are carried out in other divisions and offices of the department, including the offices of Maintenance, Construction and Materials, Bridges and Structures, and Traffic and Safety.

Research ideas, problem statements/proposals

The IHRB encourages submission of research ideas and problem statements. If you have an idea that may merit evaluation for research, contact Mark Dunn. He will help you determine the best approach for proceeding under the current business plan. Any problem statements or proposals that are submitted to the IHRB must be prepared according to the problem statement/proposal and guidelines.

Note: Starting with the 2001 fiscal year (July 2000), the Iowa Highway Research Board began using a new business plan for selecting research projects. On a semiannual basis, the board publishes a list of topics and a request for research proposals - the majority of research efforts will be focused on these topics. Proposals that fall outside of these requested areas will be accepted on only a limited, case-by-case basis.