Research proposal and problem statements

Pre-fabricated bridge elements
Prefabricated bridge elements
The Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB) encourages new research. To ensure that the IHRB can review the proposed research projects in an orderly, objective manner, you will need to submit problem statements according to the enclosed guidelines. The IHRB encourages submission of research problem statements. If you have an idea that may merit evaluation for research, contact Mark Dunn. The normal process for idea submission follows the following steps.

  1. Submission of problem statement or research idea to Mark Dunn in the Research and Technology Bureau. He will ensure it is understandable and all required information is presented. He will then add the research idea to the list of potential request of proposals or problem statement into the agenda for an upcoming meeting of the IHRB as appropriate.

  2. Assuming a problem statement is on the agenda for an IHRB meeting, the researcher will be requested to attend that meeting and provide a short-oral presentation of the problem statement. The board will ask questions and offer suggested changes, then will vote to accept, reject or table the problem statement.

  3. If the problem statement is accepted, the researcher is sent back to refine the problem statement into a proposal and answer any questions the board may have had. The researcher returns to the next meeting with a research proposal that is a detailed description of the proposed research, including a detailed budget/cost estimate. After the oral presentation of this proposal, the board will again vote to accept or reject the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, Mark will begin the process of setting up a contract and funding.