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Automated Bridge Anti-icing Pilot Project
Winter weather conditions in Iowa can be extremely challenging. Automated anti-icing systems can help to prevent ice from forming on bridges, thereby reducing traffic incidents. When sensors indicate icy conditions, liquid chemicals are released onto the bridge deck and approaches. Bridge anti-icing helps to keep winter traffic flowing more smoothly. A pilot anti-icing system was installed on the U.S. 30 westbound bridge over the Cedar River in Linn County.
FORETELL™ - Weather Forecasting Technology
FORETELL is a weather forecasting system that allows transportation professionals to disseminate appropriate weather conditions to motorists prior to making travel plans. Special computers assist in identifying weather changes hours before actual occurrences so transportation officials can make more accurate decisions about keeping travelers safe.
Incident Warning System Pilot Project
Various communications tools alert travelers of hazardous occurrences and travel options. Radio broadcast systems, DOT Web sites, and variable message signs transmit current conditions and traffic flow information to drivers. Computerized warning systems located at high-crash locations can forewarn motorists to select alternative routes or anticipate significant obstacles. Incident warning technologies help to reduce the number of traffic incidents and delays on Iowa roads. The BACS project on I-74 in the Quad Cities is listed on the "Current ITS Activities" page
Integrated Database Development and Packaging
The Iowa Department of Transportation has developed a method to integrate databases within various transportation systems and organizations. By linking existing technology programs, the DOT can maximize resources and minimize overlap between different transportation systems.
Speed Processing of Crash Data (TraCS)
photo of computer in patrol carWith special laptop computers installed in their vehicles, law enforcement officers in many Iowa cities and counties, as well as the Iowa State Patrol, can efficiently collect, transmit and process data. This helps expedite transportation-related incident reports and increase safety on our state’s highways. The system reads barcodes and processes driver/vehicle-related documents in a matter of minutes, allowing for more streamlined correspondence. Such documents include crash reporting, citation writing, reporting operating while intoxicated, and commercial vehicle inspections. The national model for such systems originates from TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software).
Red Light Running Pilot Project - A Public Education Campaign
Wireless video technology helps increase public awareness of the problem of red light running. When a vehicle speeds through a red light, video sensors take a picture and process the time, date, vehicle speed, and duration of the red light. From this data, educational material has been developed to emphasize the danger of the issue and reduce the number of crashes at intersections. Research for this project was conducted around the state to raise awareness and identify the extent of the problem.
Statewide ITS Marketing and Education
A statewide marketing campaign is aimed at educating the public, decision makers of all levels, and Iowa DOT employees on the safety, efficiency, mobility, and convenience of ITS technologies. Publications help explain the ITS projects being implemented throughout the state and promote the numerous safety measures that will be of advantage to thousands of motorists who use our transportation system each year. This is an ongoing effort.
Weatherview - Road Weather Information on the Iowa DOT Web Site
drawing of weatherview map and dataReal-time transportation-related weather updates can be accessed via the Internet at www.DOTweatherview.com. Weatherview combines the Iowa DOT’s Road Weather Information System (RWIS) with Automated Weather Observing Stations (AWOS) at Iowa’s airports to serve as a powerful resource in assisting site visitors with their safety on Iowa’s transportation system. Weatherview is accessible at many of Iowa's interstate rest areas so that  motorists can plan ahead for local and/or long-distance commutes and travel safety based on current weather and road conditions.

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