StaffAnalytics staff directory

Name Title Email
Peggi Knight Director, Office of Research and Analytics
Tammy Bailey Secretary
Karen Carroll Manager, analytics staff
Jodi Clement

GIMS System Analyst, Bridges & Structure Inventory, Vertical Clearance Log & Map, Public Rail Crossing Inventory
Mike Clement Geographic Information Management System (GIMS) quality administrator, highway performance monitoring system (HPMS), certified miles, pavement management
Paul Mauer GIMS system analyst, primary highways, primary route description changes
Jesse Denker GIMS/linear referencing system (LRS) system analyst, HPMS
Hermes Diaz GIMS system analyst, secondary roads, municipal streets, park and institutional roads, 534 and 536 reports
Mark Murphy System analyst, LRS, pavement management
Jared Renfro System analyst, LRS, pavement management
Ryan Wyllie LRS quality administrator