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Sioux Gateway Airport Bud Day Field terminal renovation

Project: Sioux Gateway Airport/Bud Day Field terminal renovation

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Project:Sioux Gateway Airport/Bud Day Field terminal renovation

County: Woodbury
Project number:3-19-0085-38-2009
FAA authorization date: March 24, 2009
Contractor: W. A. Klinger, L.L.C. , Sioux City, IA
Bid amount: Estimated at $3.97 million

Scope: The terminal renovation at the Sioux Gateway Airport/Bud Day Field is being bolstered by funds from the Recovery Act, with funding for phase II of the project. Phase II includes addressing certain security, circulation and mechanical deficiencies in the facility. In addition, funding will provide for updates to the restroom facilities, and complete remodeling of the passenger waiting areas, ticket counters and baggage claim areas.

Project number: 3-19-0085-38-2009
Contract was awarded to: W. A. Klinger, L.L.C. , Sioux City, IA
Total contract amount: $5,127,989, total ARRA funds for this project $3,965,686

Additional sources of funds include: the FAA Airport Improvement Program Entitlement funds for FFY 2008-09; the state Commercial Service Vertical Infrastructure program funds; and local tax dollars.

Latest construction progress update: April 20, 2010
The airport terminal baggage claim area is complete and is now open to the public. The north waiting area and new public restrooms will be completed by the end of May. The next phase which includes the main entrance, front canopy and main terminal waiting area, have recently begun with a projected completion date of September 2010.

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