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I-35 Rehabilitation Recovery Project

Project: I-35 rehabilitation

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Project: I-35 rehabilitation

County: Warren
Project number: ESIMX-035-2(337)43--1S-91
Bid date: March 31, 2009
Contractor: Henningsen Construction Inc., Atlantic, Iowa
Bid amount: $18,607,987.34
Scope: This milling and hot-mix asphalt resurfacing project will begin at the Clarke County line and go north to Warren County Road G-14 south of Cumming. Both the southbound and northbound lanes will be resurfaced. The project is to be completed by December 2009.
Latest construction progress update: April 20, 2010
The contractor has started pavement removal operations near the Decatur county line. They have also began work on the bridge deck overlay over Whitebreast creek just south of U.S. 34 a mile or so. Traffic is head to head in the southbound lanes from the Decatur County line north to just north of U.S. 34 in Clarke County.

Once completed

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