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I-29 Fremont and Mills County Recovery Project

Project: I-29

View photos and details below of recovery projects before construction, during construction and after the project has been completed.

Project: I-29

County: Fremont and Mills
Overall project scope: 2009 marks the first year of a three-year rehabilitation project of I-29 in Fremont and Mills County south of Council Bluffs. Work this summer will include replacing four sets of twin bridges and resurfacing 10 miles with asphalt in the southbound lanes and concrete in the northbound lanes. The projects utilizing ARRA funding are listed below.

County: Fremont
Bid date: Feb. 17, 2009
Contractor: Godberson-Smith Construction Co., Ida Grove, Iowa
Bid amount: $16,161,263.30
Contract scope: This contract includes three tied construction projects: (1) bridge replacement over Plum Creek located 0.5 mile south of Fremont County Road J-24; (2) bridge replacement over Fremont County Road J-24; and (3) resurfacing of I-29 from 1.5 miles north of Fremont County Road J-24.

County: Mills
Bid date: Feb. 17, 2009
Contractor: Western Engineering Inc., Harlan, Iowa
Bid amount: $13,468,383.02
Contract scope: This contract includes two tied construction projects: (1) southbound and northbound I-29 bridge and approaches over Saint Mary’s Creek located 0.9 mile south of Iowa 370; and (2) resurfacing of I-29 from 3 miles north of the north junction of U.S. 34 north to the Pottawattamie County line.

The construction period for this major rehabilitation project has been compressed from nearly six years down to a maximum of four construction seasons. This shortened schedule is intended to help abbreviate the traffic impact when the interstate is reduced to two lanes from Iowa 2 to the Pottawattamie County line.

The Iowa DOT worked with Freemont County officials to coordinate construction of the I-29 and Freemont County Road J-24 interchange. This interchange serves as an important connection for commuters traveling north to the Council Bluffs/Omaha metropolitan area. The cooperative agreement limits the time the interchange will be fully closed to traffic and keeps one lane of traffic open, utilizing temporary traffic signals.

Kim Triggs, vice-president and general manger of Godbersen-Smith Construction Company of Ida Grove, heads up the Freemont County project team. His company is also a subcontractor on the Mills County section. The company will construct a total of six bridges on these projects.

Triggs said, “This is a significant job for our company. We filled our construction season very quickly this year. In a normal construction season we have 80 to 100 employees. This year we may increase that 20 to 25 percent. Our challenges are going to be finding enough skilled laborers and meeting the very demanding project deadlines.”

Jaime Johnson of Cedar Valley Corp., the concrete subcontractor on both projects, said, “These contracts allowed us to maintain current staffing levels. Although we didn’t hire more employees specifically for this job, we will plan to add 15 to 20 more employees on other jobs later in the year.”

Latest construction progress updates: Dec. 28, 2009

The Interstate 29 rehabilitation projects in Fremont and Mills counties are approximately 96 percent complete. This includes replacement of four sets of twin bridges and resurfacing of 10 miles of roadway (asphalt in the southbound lanes and concrete in the northbound lanes).

Once completed

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