Union Pacific (UP) Clinton Bridge TIGER Application

Supporting Documentation
Appendix A - Cost-Benefit Methodology and Evaluation of Project Costs and Benefits Document
Appendix B - Economic Impact Assessment of Construction of the Project Document
Appendix C - Project Construction and Spending Schedule Document
Appendix D - Federal Wage Rate Certification Signature Page Document
Appendix E - Letters of Support and Endorsement Document
Appendix F - Environmental Survey Report Document

Additional Information & Certifications

Revised Governor Culver’s Section 1201 Certification Letter to the Department of Transportation
Attachment to Certification under Section 1201
Certification Under Section 1511 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Iowa-in-Motion State Transportation Plan (1997)
2009 DRAFT Iowa Railroad System Plan (excerpt)
Final Rail Plan approval anticipated by October 2009
Iowa's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
Economically Distressed Areas