City street and county road projects

City and county project lists linked from this page have been let through the Iowa Department of Transportation's bid letting process. Acceptance of the bids and any subsequent contract awards are subject to approval by the respective city or county governments.

If all bids on a project(s) are rejected by the respective local governmental body(ies), an amended bid letting results report will be posted on this Web page, in addition to the original results.

Please note that the amount of Recovery Act funds obligated to a project (as shown in the weekly expenditure reports) may be higher than the low bid contract amount listed in the Letting Results reports shown on this page. Recovery Act funds programmed for a project may include approved preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition and/or construction engineering costs, which are above and beyond the construction contract amount.

Open the “Letting Results” section by clicking on the link below. Revealed under this section are the apparent low bid results for the projects included in individual lettings.  For a comprehensive summary of all local road and street projects that have been let or are scheduled for letting, visit the Highway Program page (click on the “Local projects” link under the Highway Project Selections section).

Letting Results