Frequently-used forms

Bid Bond Form 131084
If required, a bid bond, in the sum listed on the proposal form, can be supplied in one of the following ways. (1) A certified check or credit union certified share draft, cashier's check or bank draft drawn on a solvent bank or credit union, may be certified furnished with your bid. Certified checks and certified share drafts shall be drawn and endorsed in the amount indicated. Checks or drafts shall be made payable either to the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) or to the bidder. If payable to the bidder, the check or draft shall be endorsed, without qualifications, to the Iowa DOT by the bidder or his authorized agent. (2) An insurance or surety company may be retained to provide a bond in fulfillment of the bid bond requirement. A properly completed and signed copy of the Bid Bond Form must accompany the bid. The Iowa DOT's Bid Bond Form 131084 must be used, no other forms or formats will be accepted.

Contractor Performance Bond Form 131070
A performance bond is not required on contracts for less than $25,000. However, if the contract is $25,000 or more, the bidder shall furnish bonds covering the faithful performance of 100 percent of the contract and the payment of all obligations arising thereunder. One copy of the bond shall be submitted on Iowa DOT's form 131070. All items must be properly filled in, including Contractor's signature. Resident commission agent or attorney-in-fact must file a copy of the power of attorney.

Fax Back Sheet
If downloading from the internet the vendor must complete and return the Fax Back Sheet. This sheet must be emailed or faxed to the listed purchasing agent for the RFP. This sheet informs the agent of a downloaded version and once received by the Iowa DOT, the vendor is added to the plan holder list to ensure notice of addendums.

Sealed Bid Label
Preparation of Proposal: All proposals must be completed in every respect and must clearly answer all questions contained in the proposal. Bids must be typed or completed in ink on the forms supplied by the department. You must sign your bid and seal it in the bid envelope provided or use the online sealed bid label on your envelope. Bids must be received prior to the bid opening date and time. The bidder may personally deliver, mail or select a carrier that ensures timely delivery.

Targeted Small Business Program
The 1986 Iowa Legislature enacted legislation relating to procurement from Iowa Targeted Small Businesses. (Iowa Code, Chapter 73. and Iowa Administrative Code rules 761-20-[01,B] Chapter 2). It is hereby agreed that when entering into a contract with the State of Iowa , the vendor/contractor will take documented steps to encourage participation from TSBs for the purpose of subcontracting and supplying of materials. A list of Targeted Small Business contractors is available on the Internet at and click on Search Targeted Small Businesses.

Contractor's Registration Number
All construction contractors doing business in Iowa are required to be registered with the Iowa Workforce Development, Division of Labor Services. You must renew your registration annually.

Out-of-state contractors may also be required to have a bond on file with the Division of Labor. If a contractor does business under more than one name, each name must be individually registered.

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