Property Management

The Iowa DOT acquires real estate as a result of highway improvement projects throughout the state. After property is acquired, the Iowa DOT is often in a position to dispose of some of these assets. Sales of properties are classified in two basic groups:
  • Improvements that must be removed from the land. When the Iowa DOT acquires land for a highway project, an attempt is made to sell the buildings or other improvements that are on the land. The purchaser will have a deadline for when these items must be removed from the land. Improvements can include houses, grain bins, farm buildings, commercial metal buildings, garages, sheds, and fences, as well as other items.  
  • Land — with or without improvements. After completion of highway projects, the Iowa DOT disposes of land no longer required for highway purposes. These tracts may be very small or fairly large. Some land is vacant, while other tracts may have improvements.

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