Staff Contacts

Jon Ranney

Office director


Zac Bitting

Five-year highway program

Bitting develops and maintains Iowa's five-year highway program, consistent with the long-range highway system plan, that identifies highway improvements. The program information is documented in Iowa's Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program that is approved by the Transportation Commission each June.

Bitting also provides direct assistance to develop the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), assists in the development of Iowa's Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program, and provides technical planning assistance to regional planning affiliations (RPAs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to utilize the Transportation Program Management Software (TPMS).

Matt Chambers

Federal Highway Administration reports
MPO/RPA quarterly reports

Chambers monitors authorizations of MPOs and RPAs Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds for projects within their areas, and develops reports for each planning area's remaining balances of targeted funds. Chambers submits monthly motor fuel consumption reports and annual statistical and financial reports of motor fuel taxes, motor vehicle registrations, motor carrier registrations, and driver licenses to the Federal Highway Administration. Chambers also provides direct assistance to develop the STIP and assists with the administration of the Park and Institutional Roads (P & I) Program.

Shawn Majors

Funding forecast
Park and Institutional Roads Program (P & I Program)

Majors develops forecasts of the Road Use Tax Fund and assessments of Primary Road Fund income. He may assist in interpretation of various federal-aid requirements for allocations administered by the department; coordinate participation at Transportation Commission public input meetings; or address questions concerning various programs identified by the Iowa Transportation Improvement Program.

Majors coordinates or accomplishes activities required for reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

He compiles and secures approval of the STIP, which identifies most federal-aid projects proposed by the Iowa DOT, cities, counties and federal agencies. He is a good source concerning funding procedures and Iowa's federal-aid programming process.

Majors administers the P & I Program. This program provides state funds for roadway construction, improvements and maintenance within the boundaries of state-owned lands. Locations funded by the P & I Program include state parks, universities, institutions, correctional facilities, the state fairgrounds, and community colleges. He is the liaison between DOT and participating agencies and is the primary source concerning agency policies and procedures for expenditures of P & I fund.

Don Tebben

Engineering Program Coordinator

Tebben coordinates office efforts concerning the Contingency Funding Program, border bridge investments, management systems, highway program, and public input meetings.

He provides development support for the P & I Program and for the five-year highway program.