Iowa Transportation Improvement Program

The Iowa Transportation Commission (Commission) recently reviewed proposed revisions to the 2015-2019 Iowa Highway Program and they are now available for public comment. The Commission is currently scheduled to consider approving this proposed amendment at its Nov. 4, 2014, meeting in Ames.

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If you have comments regarding the proposed 2015-2019 Iowa Highway Program Amendment, please contact:

Don Tebben
Office of Program Management
Iowa Department of Transportation

The Iowa Transportation Commission approved the 2015-2019 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program on June 10, 2014.
2015-2019 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program  pdf icon
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2015-2019 Five-Year Program projects in ArcGIS Shapefile and KMZ formats

2015-2019 Five-Year Highway Program interactive map

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  • This does not include minor right of way, erosion control, patching, bridge washing or other minor projects.
  • The first year of multiyear projects is graphically displayed, however, the multiyear program information is listed.
  • Most safety and noninterstate pavement resurfacing projects are identified for only the first year. Therefore, few projects of that type are shown for years 2016 through 2019.
  • Map is subject to change and is not to scale.

link to Investing in Iowa's Future PDF

Investing in Iowa's Future

A summary of the process utilized by the Iowa DOT and Transportation Commission to develop Iowa's Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program.