Rule-making docket

The rule-making docket lists each pending rule-making proceeding for the Department of Transportation. The rules are listed from the time the rules are noticed in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin until their effective date.

If you would like to review the proposed changes, you may access the appropriate Iowa Administrative Bulletin at:

You may comment on the noticed rules or request an oral presentation until the end of the comment period. The comment deadline for each proceeding is specified in the rule-making docket. If you are interested in commenting, would like to request an oral presentation or have questions concerning the department's administrative rules, please contact the department's rules administrator:

  • In writing to Tracy George, Operations and Finance Division, Iowa Department of Transportation, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50010.
  • Via email to
  • Via fax to Tracy George at 515-817-6511.

You may inspect the rule-making record by contacting Tracy George.