"Iowa's Living Roadway" Guide - currently not in print

Prairie PhloxThis spiral-bound, 132-page educational tool is a valuable guide to understanding the Iowa Department of Transportation's roadside management programs. It offers descriptions of various landscape designs or planting styles used within or adjacent to Iowa's highway rights-of-way, as well as various plant profiles.

In addition, it helps readers learn more about the value of plants and their contribution to our environment and society. Beyond the obvious aesthetic value, native plants provide habitat and a food source for wildlife, serve as a living snow fence, reduce the need for roadside mowing and use of herbicides, prevent erosion, and assist with motorist safety by preventing the drowsiness sometimes associated with a monotone landscape.

The guide includes photographs and descriptions of 41 wildflower and native grass species, 33 trees and 16 shrubs, all of which are used by the DOT's roadside management program. Plant descriptions include each plant's common and Latin names, botanical family, physical characteristics, bloom period, natural habitats, and interesting trivia tidbits.

"Iowa's Living Roadway" is currently not in print. Electronic versions of this publication may be viewed and printed from the Iowa DOT's website. It is available in HTML and Adobe Acrobat(TM) formats. The Adobe(TM) has higher quality photographs and is recommended for printing.

PDF documentView the guide in PDF format.