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What is the Iowa DOT doing?

Iowa Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Displayed data
Includes motor vehicle-related crashes occurring on any public road in Iowa, regardless of jurisdiction interstate, US, Iowa, county, municipal, etc.

A fatality is any injury that results in death within 30 days after the motor vehicle crash in which the injury occurred.

Major injuries
Any injury, other than a fatality, which prevents the injured person from walking, driving, or normally continuing the activities the person was capable of before the injury occurred.

Areas identify aspects connected to crashes leading to fatalities or major injuries
  • Lane departure Vehicle leaving lane contributed to crash
  • Local roads Crash occurred on local (nonprimary) road
  • Speeding/Aggressive driving vehicle speed/driver behavior contributed to crash
  • Younger driver A 14- to 24-year-old was involved in the crash
  • Improper restraint Driver/passenger of vehicle was not belted/secured/helmeted
  • Intersections dynamics of intersection factored into crash