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I-35 Polk County

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Discuss the proposed improvements along Interstate 35 from First Street to 36th Street and the First Street interchange near Ankeny, in Polk County. The completed environmental assessment will also be available.

This project is part of the proposed reconstruction of the I-35 and East First Street interchange in Polk County and will affect Heritage Park. The Iowa DOT will acquire approximately 0.89 acre of temporary easement and approximately 0.065 acre of permanent easement. Information about the impact on Heritage Park is on the Iowa DOT’s website:

Heritage Park has been determined to be a Section 4(f) resource and the acquisition of right of way is expected to have “de minimis” impact on the resource. Section 4(f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act of 1966, was enacted as a means of protecting publicly owned parks, recreation areas and wildlife/waterfowl refuges, as well as historic sites of local, state, or national significance, from conversion to transportation uses. De minimis impacts are defined as those that, after consideration of any measure(s) to minimize harm (such as avoidance, minimization, mitigation, or enhancement measures), do not adversely affect the activities, features, and attributes of the Section 4(f) resource.


Tony Gustafson, P.E., Assistant District 1 Engineer
Iowa DOT District 1 Office
1020 S. Fourth Street
Ames, Iowa, 50010 

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