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How to request records

  • Records may be researched by vehicle identification number, name, title number and license plate number*.
  • Request may only be accepted in writing, by fax or in person.
  • Payment required prior to release of information.

The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, Pub. No. 106-69, }350(b) or 18 U.S.C. 2721, and Iowa Code 321.11 prohibits the disclosure of personal information about any individual from a motor vehicle record to the public without written consent of the person to whom the information pertains.

*Personal information of motor vehicle records may be released under provisions as outlined under the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act and Iowa Code 321.11.

Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Iowa Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9278
Fax: 515-237-3056


Searches $5/15 minutes or a fraction thereof
Computer copies $1/printed record
Photocopies $0.10/printed record
Certified copies $0.50/printed record
Escrow accounts Escrow accounts may be established.

Privacy act agreement for request of motor vehicle records

To obtain personal information from motor vehicle records and/or by plate number, a Privacy Act Agreement For Request of Motor Vehicle Records form, must be completed and submitted for approval to:

Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Iowa Department of Transportation 
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa  50306-9278