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The Iowa DOT participates in the PrePass system with equipment installed at five locations in the state. PrePass is an automatic vehicle identification system that allows participating transponder equipped commercial vehicles to bypass designated weigh stations and port-of-entry facilities across the United States. Cleared vehicles may proceed at highway speed, eliminating the need to stop. To join and maintain participation in PrePass, a carrier's safety record and credentials are verified with state and federal agencies by PrePass. The participating carrier's vehicles are precertified for clearance with a percentage of cleared vehicles randomly selected by the PrePass system for compliance spot checks. A transponder mounted in the commercial vehicle will give the driver a signal at each Pre-Pass location advising if a bypass is authorized. An increasing number of PrePass locations utilize weigh-in-motion technology to electronically weigh the vehicle while the PrePass system verifies identity and credentials. The carrier is assessed a fee by PrePass to participate in the program. There is no cost to the Iowa DOT to participate in the program.

PrePassFor more information on the PrePass system, visit their website at