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Hazardous materials

The hazardous materials team

Iowa DOT's Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement's hazardous materials unit was created in 1992 at the request of the hazardous materials carriers and shippers.

The team is comprised of six hazardous materials transportation regulation specialists.


Shippers and carriers are required to comply with the hazardous materials regulations found in Title 49 of Federal Regulations Parts 100-185.

Emergency response guidebook

The Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement is responsible for the distribution of the Emergency Response Guidebook to fire departments, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services and other emergency responders.

Training and outreach programs

The Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement offers training programs on hazardous materials such as Hazardous Materials Awareness for First on the Scene, Basic Hazardous Materials and Cargo Tanks.

For more information on hazardous materials and/or training/outreach programs, please call 515-237-3135 or 515-290-2193 for assistance.

The Minnesota DOT has given us permission to link the following website. This website can be used as a hazardous materials resource tool.

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The following is are  samples of job functions of a hazardous materials transportation regulation specialist;
  • Maintain knowledge of current federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Perform driver, vehicle, shipper and carrier inspections in both roadside and facility enforcement operations.
  • Assist shippers and carriers with compliance through training and other outreach programs.
  • Assist other motor vehicle enforcement officers and other law enforcement officers with hazardous material inspection and incident technical information support.
  • Take a lead worker role in one of the specialist disciplines and share knowledge and resources with the other team and motor vehicle enforcement officers.
  • Represent the department in meetings and training sessions dealing with its special team discipline.
  • Serve as an emergency response information resource, including distribution of the Emergency Response Guidebook to local emergency services and assisting with related training for transportation incidents.
  • Substitute for the hazardous materials transportation regulations coordinator in the central headquarters during his/her extended absence.
  • Conduct hazardous commodity flow field surveys.
  • Serve as an hazardous materials course instructor on the faculty of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Work with the county attorneys and the courts on hazardous materials cases and serve as the department's expert witness.
  • Conduct post accident/incident hazardous materials inspections and follow up on citation and compliance actions.