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Changes to IRP/IFTA account name and/or taxpayer identification number

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY registrants can now do a NAME and/or TIN change any time during the year, as long as the MCS-150 has been updated PRIOR to requesting the changes.  However, if registrants want to do a name and/or TIN AND USDOT# change, the current account will need to be closed and a new account opened.

If the name change is minor, (ex., Smith Trucking to Smith Trucking LLC), we will not need documentation, if it is a major name change, (ex., Smith Trucking to Jones Trucking) 3 proofs of residency will need to be submitted showing the new name and current physical address.

If the registrant has an IFTA account, $10 will need to be submitted for the name change before any changes can be made.