Adding A Vehicle

If a qualified vehicle is added to the licensee’s IFTA fleet during the license year, credentials must be obtained.

IFTA License................... Photocopy current license to carry in new vehicle.

IFTA Decals.................... Order an additional set of decals from the Office of Motor Carrier Services at 50 cents a set. You may want to keep a limited supply of decals on hand in your office for replacement vehicles. Refunds will not be issued for over-purchases or lost orders. Decals are not carrier or vehicle specific.

IFTA Temporary Decal..... A temporary can be faxed to a carrier who needs to start immediately. An IFTA temporary is good for 30 days as long as all other requirements have been met. You need to supply the unit number and the last 5 digits of the serial number. The 50-cent decal fee must be sent in immediately with an IFTA decal request form.