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International Registration Plan (IRP) Staggered Registration Facts

  • Iowa IRP staggered registration will begin with the 2013 registration year, as provided in Senate File 2216, signed by Governor Branstad on April 19, 2012.

  • Staggered registration is a method of distributing IRP registration renewals so credentials expire in different months. Each IRP account will have a month in which all credentials for that account must be renewed.

  • New registrants will be assigned a renewal month of 12 months from the month they first register; however, the Iowa DOT reserves the right to adjust the renewal month based on workload.

  • Once the renewal month has been established, it cannot be changed. All registrants will be notified in writing of their renewal month.

  • Staggered registration will not affect 2012 credentials.

  • Transition period: The renewal process and filing deadlines for 2013 will be the same as prior years. The difference will be the month credentials expire, which affects the amount owed. Registrants will be registered and invoiced from six to 17 months depending on the assigned renewal month. See table on the reverse side.

  • Beginning with the 2013 registration there will no longer be a grace period. The renewal notice will be sent 60 days prior to the renewal month. Credentials expire the last day of the renewal month.

  • Registrants who have multiple fleets will all have the same renewal month. The Iowa DOT will not allow fleets to be renewed in different months.

  • The half-year payment option has been eliminated.

  • The three-year trailer registration has been eliminated. All three-year trailers will need to be changed to an annual or permanent plate and a credit of the unexpired years will be given on the 2013 renewal invoice.

  • The decal will be printed directly on the cab card.

  • Iowa DOT's annual carrier meetings will be held in the fall. Plan to attend Nov. 5 or Nov. 19, 2012, in Ankeny. Watch the Iowa DOT's website for additional information.