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Parent-taught driver education

Step 1: Parent completes and submits application

Application is approved If the request is approved,the parent will receive an approval letter from the Iowa DOT and may proceed with parent-taught driverís education.

Application is denied If the request is denied, the Iowa DOT will send the parent a denial letter that explains the reason(s) for denial.

Step 2: Completing course requirements

Step 3: Obtaining driving privileges

Approved courses

The following course providers have been approved by the Iowa DOT. Please indicate which of the following courses you will use on your application. After you receive approval to teach the course, you may purchase the course material directly from the course provider.
Attention course providers: Course providers will be approved for one calendar year or for the remainder of a calendar year and must renew annually by submitting a new application and required course materials at least 60 days prior to the expiration date. Course providers that have been approved before Dec. 31, 2014, will not expire until Dec. 31, 2015.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What requirements does the teaching parent need to meet to be able to provide driverís education to their child?

A: A qualified teaching parent must have provided private instruction to the student during the previous year and possess a valid Iowa driverís license, other than a motorcycle-only license or temporary restricted license (TRL/work permit), that permits unaccompanied driving as well as have a clear driving record for the previous two years.

Q: What qualifies as a clear driving record?

A: A clear driving record means that in the past two years, the parentís driverís license was not suspended or revoked, the parent was not identified as a candidate for a suspension for habitual violations, and they have not been convicted of a moving traffic violation determined to be the cause of a motor vehicle accident.

Q: What course material is required to be used by a teaching parent?

A: A qualified teaching parent will select a curriculum that has been approved by the Iowa DOT. A list of the approved courses can be found on the "Approved courses" tab above.

Q: How old does a student need to be to take driverís education from a teaching parent?

A: A student must be between the ages of 14 and 21 and be within the custody and control of the teaching parent. The student must have an Iowa instruction permit before beginning driverís education.

Q: Can I instruct students that are not in my custody and control?

A: No, the legislation requires the student to be in the custody and control of the teaching parent.

Q: Can I use my own course or another schoolís course rather than a course approved by the Iowa DOT?

A: No, the legislation requires the teaching parent to select a course that has been approved by the Iowa DOT and is listed on the list of approved courses on the tab above.

Q: Do all students that complete parent-taught driver education have to take a drive test?

A: Yes, the legislation requires every student that successfully completes an approved parent-taught driverís education course to pass a driving test administered by the Iowa DOT.

Q: Can both parents teach driver education to their child?

A: Each parent must complete an application form and receive approval from the Iowa DOT to teach the course.