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Driver education by a teaching parent

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A new law passed by the 2013 Iowa Legislature in House File 215 will allow parents who provide private instruction to their children to teach driver education in certain circumstances. The law requires the Iowa Department of Transportation to develop rules for approved courses suitable for teaching parent-directed driver education and, once courses have been identified and approved, to post them on the Iowa DOT's website.

Parents providing private instruction to their students may not begin driver education instruction until the administrative rules become effective and course information is posted to the Iowa DOT's website. Until this is done, a child must complete an approved driver education course through a public/private high school or a private driver education program.

The Iowa DOTís administrative rule related to driver education by a teaching parent has been approved, and it is anticipated that the rule will become effective Oct. 8, 2014. View a copy of the rule.

Here are a few basic guidelines from the new law.

  • A ďteaching parentĒ is a parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a student that is currently providing competent private instruction to the student according to Iowa Code 299A.2 or 299A.3. To qualify, the teaching parent must have been serving as a teacher to the student during the previous year.

  • The teaching parent must have a valid driverís license. The teaching parentís driving record must not have any accident or traffic violations for the previous two years. A parent who has only a motorized bicycle (moped) license or a temporary restricted license (work permit) will not be able to provide driver education instruction to a student.

  • A student is someone between the ages of 14 and 21 years and has obtained a learnerís permit from the Iowa DOT.

  • The law requires the teaching parent to have custody of the student.

Once the new teaching parent guidelines, applications, and course and instruction guidelines are approved, they will be posted to this website.