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Fred Mottola

Executive director for the National Institute for Driver Behavior

For more than 30 years, Professor Frederik R. Mottola has been designing and conducting risk-prevention educational activities. His latest project, The Skid Monster, was created to provide drivers with a safe, effective way to learn how important it is to keep the car in control to prevent it from becoming a monster. And, when it does become a monster to give the driver skills necessary to take corrective actions during the very small window of opportunity that may be available.

Mottola is CEO and President of Interactive Driving Systems, Inc., and is executive director of the National Institute For Driver Behavior - a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing driver risk prevention education. He is a traffic safety scientist and an inventor, and a national leader in traffic safety education. He is the creator of the Zone Control System, Targeting for Vision Usage, Reference Point Visualizations for Vehicle Placement, and the SmartView Mirror to eliminate blind spots . He received his first patent for a backseat simulator in 1970, and most recently received three U.S. patents for the Skid Monster.

He designed and conducted one of the first driver training programs for police officers in the United States and established national standards used for training police officers throughout the country. He wrote licensing standards for school bus drivers for the Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department, and designed and conducted training programs for motor vehicle examiners and for school bus driver trainers.

He has also designed courses for corporations, municipalities, and emergency vehicle operators. He has produced twelve video tapes for Zone Control Driving and has authored several books including Partnership For Driver Excellence: Student Parent Teacher, Empower Yourself With Zone Control Driving and Your Car IS a Monster. Most recently he produced a Curriculum for Driver Risk Prevention for the National Institute for Driver Behavior. He also was Consulting Author to the 10th Edition of Drive Right and Author of Drive Right's Teacher's Edition published by Prentice-Hall.