Cartography and traffic data contact information

In order to help you find the staff responsible for your specific need, please use the following information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our office at 515-239-1289.

Managerial staff

Cartography and traffic counts

Mark Hansen
Phone: 515-239-1990

Maps and data updates

Iowa Transportation Map

Randy Patterson
Updates and production
Interchange diagrams
Projection conversions
Phone: 515-239-1007

State maps

Mark Hansen
Primary highways
Railroad maps
Traffic flow
Vertical clearance maps
Phone: 515-239-1990

Primary highway maps

Lori Judge
Map updates
Phone: 515-239-1645

Secondary and municipal map production

Phone: Vacant


Lori Judge
Phone: 515-239-1645

Structure and railroad crossing updates

Lori Judge
Phone: 515-239-1645

Specialty maps

Mark Hansen
Phone: 515-239-1990

Traffic monitoring

Traffic count data and requests

Ron Bunting
Scheduling, collection, processing,
and data requests
Phone: 515-239-1323

Automatic traffic recorder

Brian Carlson
Polling and processing
Phone: 515-239-1526


Andrew Short
Phone: 515-239-1526

Video log van

Mark Funnell
Roadview explorer
Global positioning system (GPS) collection and processing
Phone: 515-239-1717

Publications and information requests


Mark Hansen
Printed maps and publications
Phone: 515-239-1990

Census updates

Mark Hansen
Phone: 515-239-1990

Vertical clearance data, structure inventory, and rail crossing inventory

Jodi Clement
Phone: 515-233-7741