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Street Financial Report

Troubleshooting Tips

Current issues

Error received when trying to access report

Problem: Unable to launch adobe reader plug-in check that Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is installed and configured to display PDFs in browser.”

Solution: Need to check that the Adobe Reader is selected as the default. To check:
1. Open up Adobe Reader, go to “Start” and select “All Programs,” and then find Adobe Acrobat and open it.
2. Click on “Edit” (on the toolbar), select “Preferences,”  select “General,” and then select “Set Default PDF Handler.”
3. Select run and install the program.
4. Reboot the computer.

Another option is to check that the Internet Explorer is the original version. To check:
1. Go to the “Start,” in the search option box type in “Internet Explorer.”
2. From the listing provided, select the “Internet Explorer” title only. Do not select a different name title.

Computer issues

Computer system needs for accessing the SFR

Software updates

Check to make sure you have installed all of your Microsoft® updates (Internet/Web browser, tools and any other critical updates).
Because the report is not a software-based type of form, try accessing the forms through a different computer. Computers can vary on their settings.
Upgrade your Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to the most current version,
The upgrade can help with viewing and printing of the forms.
Upgrade your Adobe® Flash® Player to the most current version. To upgrade, go to the following Web address:
The upgrade can help with viewing and printing of the forms.

Web browser

Internet Explorer is required to access the forms correctly.

Error messages

Error on Cover page, email address is not in proper format

In the email address make sure there is nothing else entered in that space beyond what is visible. Take the mouse curser and place it at the end of the email address and hit the delete key, this should show if there is another email address present.

Error Message on the Summary Statement page

If the summary statement page has two pink boxes in column 4 on lines J.1 & J.2, this is related to the Bonds/Notes/Loans page, need to make sure by the issue amount that there is a percent entered in the "% Related to Roads" column. Or that the totals on both the Summary Statement page and the Bonds/Notes/Loans page equal the same.

When clicking on "Complete" I am receiving an error message

The error message "one or more fields are not complete, unable to export the report, and example of e-mail address". Check that all pages are completed with the required necessary information.
  • Cover page - all required areas are outlined in RED. (this is noticeable in the report form page)
  • Summary page - there are no pink shaded areas, referencing to the Bonds/Notes/Loans. (this is noticeable in the report form page)
  • Project final cost page - is filled in or the BOX is checked.
  • Equipment inventory page - is listing all city owned equipment pieces or the BOX is checked.

Problem with the report

Problems accessing the report, and Adobe reader is already installed

  • Need to be using “Internet Explorer” as the web browser, not Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
  • Also check that the Adobe reader is the pdf default format being used. If using other pdf software, this will cause the error.

Report form is too small

Check the view percent and increase it to 65 or 75 percent for completion.

Report is not appearing or the window is not opening

Pop-up blockers, if installed, will prevent the sign in, the blank forms and other windows from opening.
  • The pop-up blocker will need to be turned off or disabled.
  • Press "Ctrl" on your key board at the same time you are selecting what you want to open up. Example: click with the mouse curser at the same time as holding down the "Ctrl" key.

Report is not loading

If after signing in, the blue circle just keeps spinning, download the flash player plug-in,
  • Check that adobe reader is the default software being used. To test this try opening up the SFR instructions that are available on the website. You may need to reinstall adobe reader to make as the default.
  • Check that the manage add-ons shows adobe reader and adobe flash player as "enabled."

Saving the report

How do I save the report?

Click on the “Save” option at the bottom left side.

problems

Can’t access the report using the previous person’s ID, don’t know the password

If the email address is not the same as the other id, could create a new id with the CITY info as the city name not an individual’s name. Example in the First name put Cityof, in the Last name put CITY’S ACTUAL NAME. Then the id will be created as cityof.cityname@iowaid. If the email address is the same, you will need to call the help desk number 800-532-1174 for assistance on the password.

No report to be displayed

The report is in the “To Do(1)” area not the “Start Process”.  If no report still under the “To Do (0)” the report is not under the user id that has signed in.  To request the report for this user id, sign in and request access to the SFR from the Enterprise A&A system. Request access to the SFR. This does require an overnight update before access of the report will be available.

Sign in problem or need to change password

  • Make sure you are entering in the user I.D. and password correctly. The user I.D. and password are what was created in the Enterprise A&A system. This may also be the user I.D. used to access I-JOBS, liquor license or workforce reports. If the password is reset, you will not be able to sign in to access the report until the next day. The system has to do an overnight update. The Help desk number is 800-532-1174. When the password is reset, you do not need to request access to the SFR.
    NOTE: this user I.D is not Dotserve\
  • Try to reset your password at the following website, there will be 3 questions to answer then you should have the option to set your password.
    Make sure you are under the "Forgot Password" option. Help desk number 800-532-1174 Also remember the password to the id maybe the same that is use for another report system like unemployment for example.

Viewing the report

Check display screen resolution. To do this, go to Start on your computer, control panel, display or themes and appearance, settings. Change the resolution to at least 1024x768 or higher.
Check that the view percent is not any larger than 100 percent. This will also affect the form appearance for completion.

Submit the report

Can't make entries on the equipment or summary pages

If unable to make entries on the Summary page or the Equipment listing page (example: model year and purchase amount), update Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to version 9,

Hit complete, but the report is gone

When you hit the complete button and the report is gone, and you see “There are no items to display.” Indicates the report was sent successfully to the Iowa DOT. The city will receive an e-mail notice that the report was sent but has not been reviewed.  Then when then when the report has been APPROVED an electronic copy of the report for the city’s records will be received.  Need to watch the “Junk/Spam” settings on the e-mail to receive the notices sent.

How do I submit the report

At the bottom of the right hand side is a button labeled "Complete." Click this to submit the report. "Complete" button does not appear, check the screen resolution to be at least 1024x768 or higher.

Not finding a "Complete" button to send the report in

Are you working on the report on your desktop or in the on-line system. In order to send the report must have signed in to access the report. If you are signed in and still don't see a "Complete" button option, check the computer screen resolution. These directions are under the "Screen View" trouble shooting tip.

Report was returned

To submit the report after it had been returned for corrections, click on the "Complete" button.

Sent the report, but did the DOT receive it?

The report is no longer under your id, it was sent successful to the DOT. Then once the report has been approved, an e-mail confirmation will be sent with a copy of the report for the city records. Be sure and check the junk/spam folder since the system sends out the e-mails they are not always received in the INBOX. Search for your city report.