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Street Finance Report (SFR) System

Obtaining System Access:

To access the SFR system, you will need a State of Iowa Enterprise A&A account. If you have not already created this account, you will need to in order to access the SFR. There are some helpful instructions for creating your account under the "What is A&A?" in the create account box. The following link is for creating your account.

Register for a user name and password from the State of Iowa Enterprise A&A Web site.

If you currently have a State of Iowa Enterprise A&A account to access other State of Iowa applications, that user name (first.last@iowaid or cityof.cityname@iowaid) and password will be used to access the SFR.

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Search previous year(s) SFR.The retention policy on the report is five years.

If you have questions, contact:

Tammi Bell

Office of Local Systems
Iowa Department of Transportation
Phone: 515-239-1529