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Instructional Memorandums to Local Public Agencies and the Federal-Aid Project Development Guide

Federal-Aid Project Development Guide for Local Public Agenices

The Federal-Aid Project Development Guide for Local Public Agenices, referred to hereinafter as the Guide, provides a concise summary of information and instructions for local public agency (LPA) staff and consultants involved in the planning, development and construction of LPA federal-aid transportation projects. Where appropriate, the Guide references the IMs and other documents for more detailed information and instructions.
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Instructional Memorandums (IMs)

The IMs provide assistance to LPAs on a wide variety of transportation-related topics. Some IMs supplement the Guide by providing more detailed information or instructions that are applicable to federal-aid transportation projects. Other IMs are applicable to state or locally funded projects. Still others are applicable to all types of projects. If the applicability of an IM is limited by funding or other considerations, this is explained in the "Contents" section at the beginning of the IM.
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Updates to the Guide and IMs

When updates to the Guide or IMs are published online, an E-mail notice will be sent to those on the Office of Local Systems' mailing list.
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Note: The Iowa DOT does not provide printed copies of the Guide or IMs. Because the Guide and IMs are updated frequently, we recommend referring to the Guide and IMs online using the links provided above.

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