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Office of Local Systems

Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: 515-239-1528
Fax: 515-239-1966

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Contact Information

Description of Duties

Bell, Tammi

Automation and reporting specialist
  • Administer Street Finance Report, including training
  • Prepare and submit FHWA 536 report
  • Assist reporting of multiple programs (ARRA and I-JOBS)
  • Office records coordination
  • Automation projects, including training
  • ICEA Computer Committee
  • Maintain office website
  • HIDARG committee representative

Boell, Brenda

Field review technician
  • Monitor inspection and documentation of city and county Federal-aid projects
  • Maintain project records
  • Organize and conduct FieldManager training and provide limited support
  • Prepare and distribute BIAS revisions
  • Federal Work Zone Review Team
  • Organize and conduct federal-aid contract administration training for local agencies
  • Maintain office copies of Iowa DOT manuals
  • ICEA Conference Planning committee
  • New Products Committee
  • APAI and HMA Steering Committee representative
  • ICEA Special Schools Committee
  • Assist with work zone safety training

Buchwald, Donna

Office director

  • Supervise office staff and administer office functions
  • Serve as liaison to local, state and federal agencies

Dostart, John

Urban engineer
  • Administer Federal and State programs for cities (i.e. STP, TSIP, HBP, City Bridge, Curb Ramp, and Demo / Discretionary)
  • Resource point for the 6 DLSE as they assist the cities with Federal-aid projects
  • Liaison to cities and city organizations
  • Review and revise urban design criteria
  • Oversee ARRA and I-JOBS reporting for city and counties
  • Administer ARRA and I-JOBS reporting for cities and counties
  • Oversee Street Financial Report
  • Assist with reviewing IM's
  • Administer Inactive Obligations Report
  • Various committees: SUDAS , TSIP Advisory, APWA conference planning
  • CHSP Local Roads and Lane Departure subcommittee

Fox, Nicole

Secondary roads engineer
  • Administer and coordinate various Federal and State programs for counties (i.e. STP, FM, HBP, HRRR, ER, TSIP, and County Bridge)
  • Resource point for the 6 DLSE as they assist the counties with Fed-aid, State, and FM projects
  • Liaison to counties and county programs, budgets, and annual reports
  • Oversee review of county programs, budges, and annual reports
  • Review and revise rural design criteria
  • Assist with reviewing IM's
  • Various committees: ICEA Design Committee, ICEA FM Committee, ICEA Computer Committee, CHSP Local roads subcommittee, Cultural Interchange Team representative, TSIP Advisory Committee (alt.)
  • Monitor FM balance and cash flow

Nordholm, Gail

Secretary 2
  • Administrative Support for Director and Deputy Director
  • Audit time sheets and expenses
  • Conference coordination and registration
  • Assist with office budget
  • Assist with Office website maintenance
  • Process LTAP and Service Bureau payments
  • Assist with storing records in ERMS
  • Process Staff Actions for Agreements
  • Prepare city notification letters for primary projects through cities
  • Distribution, filing, and maintenance of Local Systems mailings and mailings lists (e-mail, web, and ERMS)

Popp, Deanne

Agreements specialist
  • City and county primary highway pre-design, preconstruction, right-of-way, and TJ agreements
  • Bi-state and border bridge agreements
  • Park and institutional road agreements
  • TSIP agreements and project numbers
  • Mitigation agreements
  • Develop Staff Actions
  • Develop and maintain city and county agreement shells for various state and federal programs

Sieh, Barry

Local systems technician
  • Review and approval of county budgets, programs and annual reports
  • Assist with County and city bridge programs (Federal and State)
  • Prepare FM fund balances and cash flow projections
  • Monitor county HBP balances
  • Manage HRRR program
  • Assist with review of rural and urban design criteria
  • Distribute county culvert and bridge standard drawings
  • Organize and conduct county work zone safety training and manual
  • Assist counties and cities by answering basic questions and helping them locate reference information such as design guide, instructional memorandums or other procedural guides, funding information, report instructions, or other general information
  • Serve as back-up and periodically assist with field reviews and contract administration training


Deputy director
  • Oversee administration of Federal and State programs for cities and counties
  • Coordinate revisions to all office policy and procedure documents (Guidance Manual, IMs, PPM, and Funding Guide)
  • Legislative, regulatory, and policy research and analysis
  • Office administration and special projects
  • Oversee office web site
  • Oversee development and preparation of primary and local systems agreements
  • ADA complaints and policy guidance
  • LTAP contract administrator
  • Title VI / EEO officer for Local Systems
  • CHSP Older Drivers Committee