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Geolocation data

Geolocation data is information obtained through an individual's use of a computing device and is used to identify the user's actual physical location at a given point in time.

When a user accesses this application, the user may enable their computing device's GPS (global positioning system) location information to be used by our application, which will allow the user’s location to automatically register when the application's map views are loaded. This feature can be disabled or enabled on the user’s computing device. The Iowa DOT does not collect location information about the user. However, location information may be collected by a mobile device’s platform provider and/or a user’s data carrier if it is accessed on a mobile device. Before a user downloads or accesses the application on a mobile device, he or she should review the terms of use and privacy policy of the user’s platform provider and data carrier to determine how they collect, use and/or retain location information, or any other PII (personally identifiable information). Iowa DOT is not responsible for the terms of use or privacy policies of the platform providers or data carriers, or the use of PII, including location information, by such entities.

Privacy policy

For privacy protection information, please read the Iowa Department of Transportation's Privacy Policy.