True or False
Traffic Safety Knowledge Test

To play this online interactive game, read each question and then select either true or false as your answer. You will quickly receive a response letting you know if you answered the question correctly.

  1. Always look both ways before crossing the road. True    False
  2. You only need to obey the speed limit in construction zones and in rainy weather. True    False
  3. The three colors on a stoplight are red, blue and green. True    False
  4. Always wear your seat belt even within a block of your home. True    False
  5. Using bike reflectors decreases your chances of getting hurt. True    False
  6. When riding your bike, you should drive on the left side of the road. True    False
  7. You donít need to obey stop signs while you are biking. True    False
  8. It is safer to walk in the snow than it is to bike. True    False
  9. Most driving accidents occur more than 25 miles from home. True    False
  10. Biking and walking are both good forms of exercise. True    False
  11. To decrease your chances of being injured while biking, always wear a helmet. True    False