Sign Identification

Green LightWhen the traffic signal turns green, cars will move forward into the intersection.

Before crossing the street at a traffic signal, you should wait for the walk sign or Pedestrian crossing sign pedestrian signal or wait for the green light to show in your direction. Remember that cars may be turning, so be sure to look carefully, both to the right and left.

Yellow lightWhen the traffic signal turns yellow, motorists should slow down and prepare to stop. If you are waiting to cross the street, you should NOT cross when the light is yellow. The light is about to turn red and cars will still be entering the intersection.

Red Traffic LightWhen the traffic signal is red, wait until you see the walk sign or Pedestrian crossing sign pedestrian signal or green light to light up, look both ways and cross quickly.

Railroad Crossing These signs mean that there is a railroad crossing ahead. You should never cross railroad tracks if the gates are down, the signals are flashing, or if you can SEE or HEAR a train. Wait until the train has passed. Look, listen and then quickly cross when it is safe to cross the tracks. This sign Xbar crossingmarks the railroad crossing.

Yield SignA yield sign means to slow down and be ready to stop. If there are pedestrians or vehicles in or nearing the intersection, you must stop. If there is no traffic in or nearing the intersection, and it is safe, you may continue forward.

Stop SignWhen you come to a stop sign, come to a complete stop, look both ways and go when it is safe.