Transportation Safety
Multiple Choice Quiz

To play this on-line interactive game, read each question and then select the correct answer. You will quickly receive a response letting you know if you answered the question correctly.

  1. How many different colors are there on a stoplight?
    1. 4
    2. 3
    3. 2

  2. What do yellow road signs mean?
    1. Construction
    2. Recreation
    3. Safety

  3. You should be extra careful when walking or biking to school if:
    1. It is dark outside.
    2. It is sunny outside.
    3. There is no traffic.

  4. When there is a blizzard you should:
    1. Stay inside as much as you can.
    2. Wear shorts.
    3. Go to the park.

  5. The safest way to get to school is to:
    1. Ride a bike.
    2. Take the bus.
    3. Ride with strangers.

  6. When biking or walking through a construction or school zone you should:
    1. Be extra careful.
    2. Slow down.
    3. Both a and b.

  7. You should fasten your seat belt:
    1. Only on the highway.
    2. Before the driver starts the car.
    3. Only when it is raining or snowing.

  8. What does this sign mean? School Zone
    1. Crosswalk ahead, be careful.
    2. Children at play.
    3. Yellow brick road ahead.

  9. What does this sign mean? Railroad Crossing sign
    1. "X" marks the spot.
    2. Railroad crossing.
    3. Do not learn to Read or Rite.

  10. This is a: School bus image
    1. Yellow Furby.
    2. School bus.
    3. Big yellow race car.

  11. This is probably a: Stop sign
    1. Fire sign.
    2. Fire truck.
    3. Stop sign.

  12. What do you think this sign should say? Yield sign
    1. Get out of my room.
    2. Yield.
    3. Back away.

  13. How about this sign? One way sign
    1. One way.
    2. Bathrooms are that way.
    3. Right of way.

  14. This is a set of ... : Keychain
    1. French fries.
    2. Tools.
    3. Keys.

  15. What should you do if you see this? 'Don't Walk' signal
    1. Wave.
    2. Wait to cross the street.
    3. Look both ways before crossing.