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Employment brochures

Careers Law Enforcement Careers with Motor Vehicle Enforcement
A motor vehicle officer is a peace officer whose primary duty it is to enforce all state and federal regulations that apply to commercial vehicles traveling Iowa’s roadways.
Careers Your Benefits. . .At A Glance
  1. Health care benefits
  2. Health insurance
  3. Prescription drug coverage
  4. Monthly health Insurance premiums
  5. Dental insurance
  6. Monthly dental insurance premiums
DOT On The Move! DOT on the Move!
The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is as diverse as the communities we serve. The department has a wide range of responsibilities, including constructing and maintaining roads . . .
Employment FAQ'sEmployment FAQs for Engineers
The Iowa DOT advocates and delivers transportation services that support the economic, environmental and social vitality of Iowa.
Business, Industry and Technology
Student Internship ProgramBusiness, Industry and Technology Student Internship Program
The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) offers a summer Business, Industry and Technology Student Internship Program.
InternshipEngineering Student Intership Program
The Iowa DOT offers a summer Engineering Student Internship Program. The overall purpose of the program is to give college students excellent technical real-world experience.
Leave Your MarkLeave Your Mark
As a DOT Office of Design employee, you'll enter a world of rewarding public service, professional development and production of a legacy the traveling public will value for decades to come.