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Destination signs

Destination (Guide) Sign Destination signs (also referred to as guide signs) are essential to direct motorists along highways; to inform them of intersecting routes; to direct them to cities, towns or other important destinations; to identify nearby rivers and streams, parks, forests, and historical sites; and generally to give such information as will help them along their way in the most simple, direct manner possible. Destination signing is not intended to promote or advertise the existence of the destinations. The Transportation Map and specific directions provided by the destination are the best sources for finding your specific destination.

There are two basic categories for destination signs (different standards, guidelines and criteria apply to each of these categories).

a) Destination signs on the interstate and freeways.

b) Destination signs on the remainder of the state highway system.

Here are a few examples of other destination signs.

FAQs regarding destination signs on interstate and freeway highways.

FAQs regarding destination signs on primary highways other than freeway.

If you have any questions regarding destination signs, please contact Iowa DOT's Tim Crouch, state traffic engineer at 515-239-1513. If you have a question or request about a specific destination sign, contact the appropriate Iowa DOT District Office.