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FAQs - Private Directional Signs

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  • Can Private Directional Signs be placed along interstates and primary highways?
  • Can I place the sign on the state right-of-way?
  • Does the Iowa Department of Transportation make and install the sign?
  • What is the cost of the permit?
  • Can any attraction qualify?
  • What kind of visitor count will I need to qualify?
  • How far can my signs be from the attraction?
  • How many signs can I place?
  • Are there any size restrictions?
  • Are there any spacing regulations with Billboards or on-premise signs?
  • Can I place my logo, pictures or other graphics on a Private Directional Sign?
  • Can I have a sponsor (profit or nonprofit) listed on the sign?
  • What kind of message can I have on a Private Directional sign?
  • Can a Private Directional Sign be illuminated or reflective?