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These are examples of other Destination (Guide) Signs:

Photo of Easter Seals Camp (destination) sign

This is an example of a sign for an organized off-highway camp. The Easter Seals Camp is a permanent camp operated by a recognized and established civic, religious, or non-profit charitable organization.

An advance destination (guide)sign on the Interstate.

Example of an Advance Destination (Guide) sign on the interstate. The street name is shown since there are multiple exits for this community.

Saylorville Lake and Des Moines Area Community College Destination Sign

Example of a Supplemental Destination (Guide) Sign on the interstate. The Saylorville Lake portion of the sign is brown because it is a recreational destination. Des Moines Area Community College is an approved destination because it is an accredited college within 15 miles of the interchange and the enrollment is greater than 500 students.

An historic sign

Example of a supplemental destination (guide) sign for a historic site of regional or national significance. The brown sign color is used for historic, cultural and recreation sites.